Juvenile Delinquency is a concerning matter and cannot be snubbed. It is like any crime that human beings commit but these crimes differ because they are committed by youth. Children have the ability to accomplish greater things in their life. Unfortunately, some youths get indulged in unethical activities. Juvenile delinquents are classified on the basis of behavior patterns. They can be categorized on the basis of robbery, theft, vandalism, crime and other violent actions that they have committed.




Juvenile Delinquency(also known as juvenile offending or youth crime) refers to anti-social behavior done by offenders under the age of 18. In the true context, that same activity would have been a crime if it was committed by the adult.





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Families are an integral part of one’s life. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small or big family as long as you have. Children learn basic concepts about good and bad values, they make their values and set a norm in society. In Family, the most imperative role is played by parents. Toxic environment and separated families are some of the issues that lead to juvenile delinquency. When parents don’t treat their children properly it motivates them to commit a crime and do something bad to others.


  • Social circles:
    If the neighbourhood where the child lives is violent the children will have a tendency to be more prone to delinquency.  
  • Socio-Economic problem:
    Youth belonging from low economic background and toxic environment easily get indulged into crime. In order to improve their status, they use a negative path.


  • Psychological problem:
    When parents or siblings ill-treat their children it leads to depression, anxiety, frustration, and aggression. Some children adopt bad habits from parents or siblings.
  • Lack of moral guidance:
    Some parents don’t teach their children about basic values like how to love, respect, care and share with others. This factor leads the children to disrespect and hate each other.
  • Poor academic performance and school attendance:
    Children who find difficulties in reading and writing are more apt to get indulged in unwanted activities. It is not understood why this has such a serious impact on the lives of children, but it is a very common issue found in most young offenders.


  • Parenting style:
    Parenting style also matters and many researchers say that it is one of the biggest reasons why youth commit crime. Parents are sometimes very harsh and they punish their children for small issues. Children start disrespecting their parents and they become violent.



    Sometimes parents, teachers, and siblings don’t have anything to do with the delinquent behavior of the juvenile. There are some personal reasons that lead to juvenile delinquency. Some youths face hardships in life due to some psychological or physical problem that he/she is going through.

    • Socio-psychological concerns:
      Children who go through socio-psychological problems like depression, anxiety and frustration become belligerent. Some children can commit crime without knowing the consequence of it.


    • Drug abuse:
      The use and sale of drugs are common among youth these days.  In spite of strict laws on the prohibition of drugs, youths tend to sell, consume and decimate their lives.


    • Labeling:
      Labeling can destroy the personality of the youth and make them a criminal forever. Labeling means that society labels a teen criminal once he/she commits a crime, though this is first time due to the tagging he/she will perceive themselves as a criminal. He/She will repeat similar crimes in the future. He/She will no longer feel any embarrassment in committing crimes.


    • Lack of hobbies:
      Youths who lack interest and hobbies get indulged in unwanted activities.  It is easy to adopt bad habits and also fall prey to bad company leading to delinquent acts.


    • Bad Company:
      One of the major reasons why children are entering into the world of crime is because of their bad company. Children who are in bad company knowingly or unknowingly indulge in criminal activities. It is a bad company which motivates them to commit crime.


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      Peer pressure is one of the factors that contribute to juvenile delinquency. A peer can be anyone that is around the same age as you, your friend, family or a classmate. Most of the time, it occurs to youths.

    • Boredom:
      Many youths get bored and find something exciting to do. Vandalism and similar thrilling crimes often result to boredom.


    • Abusive behavior:
      When youths become a part of a group and gang that is abusive gets indulged in unwanted activities. Often strong groups/gangs are ones that are indulged in negative actions.


    • Peer group rejection:
      Sometimes youth do not get acceptance in any group as they do not have a good personality and due to this, they commit crime.






  • Early intervention and training programs:
    There are various programs provided by NGOs and researchers that can be used by community workers, teachers, parents, etc. Some programs help to assist parents on how to groom their children and some teach children about the consequences of robbery, theft, vandalism, crime and other violent actions. Educational programs have the underlying intent of encouraging hope and opening up opportunities for young people.
  • Create a healthy and safe environment:
    Parents should create a healthy and safe environment with their children so that they feel free to share everything with their parents.
  • Community involvement:
    Communities should show the positive norms, values, and standards of society to children so that they stay motivated and have a positive attitude towards their life and society. 
  • Instilling moral and social values
    Parents should instill moral and social values to their children at the very beginning. 



“Youths are considered as the future of every country and have a great potential to achieve great things in life. So it’s the duty of every citizens of all the countries as parents, teachers, friends, relatives and siblings to guide the future generation into the right path”

                                                                                                                             – Krishna Chaitanya

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This blog is open for your critics and opinions to improve upon.




  1. Hi Krishna Chaitanya,

    It is a very great and concise blog that everyone should read. This is very important because juvenile delinquency is one problem that goes unnoticed by the society.

    The best way to curb juvenile delinquency is to have social initiatives such as society clubs, and extracurricular activity organizations and also value educational lessons in school so that children can feel a sense of involvement and friendship.

    Generally, when children are unable to fit into a specific crowd, they tend to get into the world of crime, because they feel that the crime world is easy and fun and exciting.

    Children should be taught to accept their individuality and also have their individuality respected, so that they do not attempt to fit inside a place, particularly a crime world.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I am really proud of your work KC…This has given alot of essential and wandering senses in me to undertadn the situations of juvenile.!Hats off..!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Your Research on this subject is commendable.You have demonstrated a good insight of this unnoticed alarming social problem;
    In my view it is the responsibility of parents to give a healthy and balanced upbringing to their children to make them a good human being.This requires creating a healthy home environment,giving enough attention,love and care to their children.
    Trust me Krishna,If parents can make it happen,no amount of outer or any influence can ever make a youth so called a CRIMINAL.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Wonderful sharing Krishna Ji.

    The delinquency problems is due to some factors; inappropriate home situation (when the parents do not give value education to their children because they do not have time for their children), secondly, they do not live in the congenial atmosphere; the peer group too influences such children for going off the tangent, sometimes drop-out cases are more in such cases because such children do not show inclination to serious studies and also attendance problems too causes such children to resort to ethical and anti-social activities etc. Then the formal and informal institutions too do not contribute for refining the unethical and in many case immoral tendencies of such children which put them still deeper into the morass of negative existence.

    Your suggestions for removing the delinquency are really very appropriate and worth emulation and require to be disseminated to right quarters..

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Krishna, this is a problem which is slowly creeping in our society. The problem is that because both parents are working, nuclear families and no one is there to listen when kids want to share something. Financially we are growing, chart of girl education is higher, but we are not able to figure out how to keep the balance between everything.
    I appreciate your efforts to pick up each point regarding this matter in your article!

    Liked by 3 people

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